The Amazon and The Warrior

Fiction /TOR Books /
May 2004
Paperback $7.95 (US)
$10.95 (CAN)

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Not all the heroes of ancient mythology were men.

For eight years, the besieged city of Troy withstood the relentless might of the Greek invaders. But now the dread Achilles, mightiest of the Greek warriors, seeks to conquer the fabled realm of the Amazons as well. But one woman stands between him and his ruthless ambition to conquer her homeland.

Penthesilea, Warrior Queen of the Amazons, watched her mother die upon Achilles' sword. A fiery, red-haired tigress of tremendous passion and courage, Pentha vows to take revenge on the legendary Greek champion, even if it means leading an army in defense of imperiled Troy.

Her lover, Damonides, does not share her eagerness for battle. Once a formidable warrior in his own right, he long ago put away the sword. Now he yearns only to live in peace with the beautiful and ardent Amazon Queen. But can he stand idly by while the woman he loves risks everything for the sake of her people?

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