Captive Dove


Fiction/Silhouette Books/
Author: Judith Leon (aka Judith Hand)
ISBN-13  978-0-373-51425-0
ISBN-10 0-373-51425-5
Silhouette Bombshell - October 2006

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Captive Dove

About this book:

"Nova Blair—code name, Dove—is known as the ultimate, tough-as-nails agent who always gets her man. So when ten prominent American tourists are kidnapped in Brazil, Nova launches into a race against time to rescue the innocents and uncover the identity of their sociopathic captor and the criminal mind behind him, someone at the highest levels of the U.S. government who is bent on subverting the U.S. Supreme Court. Her mission hits a snag, though, when the CIA assigns a fellow agent to the case—Joseph Cardone. He's the man Nova loved but walked away from. Nova and Joe must put their fiery standoff aside if they are to save the tourists and uncover the high level traitor. And this time the cost of Nova's success may be Joe's life."


"CAPTIVE DOVE is a exciting romantic suspense that leaves you breathless, the description of Brazil and the rain forest are amazing, I felt I was there.  The action starts on the first page and goes to the last, and the attraction between Joe and Nova is hot.  This is my first Judith Leon book, it will not be my last. CAPTIVE DOVE is a page turner you won't want to miss."

- Gloria Behres,

"Nova Blair is back for her third adventure in CAPTIVE DOVE.  What should be a simple hostage rescue is actually much more complex, and it's up to Nova and Joe to fix it.  With its focus on the time-sensitive retrieval of the hostages and the fact that most of the players, good and bad, are known to the reader, CAPTIVE DOVE is more suspense than mystery, and a non-stop adventure.  Whether you've read the earlier books (CODE NAME: DOVE and IRON DOVE) or not, CAPTIVE DOVE is a book that I highly recommend."

- Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

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