The Good Thief


Fiction/Silhouette Books/
Athena Force
Author: Judith Leon
(aka Judith Hand)
ISBN-13 978-0-373-38973-5
ISBN-10 0-373-38973-6
Silhouette Athena Force -
September 2007

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The Good Theif

About this book:

When the case is as potentially explosive as that of an Athena student's abduction, Lindsey Novak never enters a negotiation without knowing just who to trust. All of Europe is her bailiwick, and she thrives on black-market deals with shady characters—even when she has to steal from the thieves themselves. But this time every weapon in her arsenal— including the enigmatic and all-too-sexy bodyguard hired by her father to follow her to Prague—may not be enough. For recovering the missing girl is only the first phase in thwarting a plan so evil it could change humanity forever.


"In THE GOOD THIEF, never-ending danger surrounds a competent Athena Academy graduate, Lindsey Novak. Her story is immediately gripping and the threats only escalate to perilous heights. Judith Leon convincingly depicts every incident which befalls the heroine, infusing each scene with vivid realism.

When Lindsey attended the Athena Academy for young women, she did not like to fail and learned that fear could cost her the admiration of her friends, and most of all, her beloved father. Now with her rather secretive career as a professional negotiator for those who cannot get help through legal channels, she still has a strong drive to win and prove her fearlessness in every dangerous case she tackles, which often involves stealing artworks back from the thieves who stole them. Although some of her contacts are disreputable, Lindsey sees herself as only helping others, not a thief in the true sense of the word.

She receives a phone call from another Athena graduate, informing her about the kidnapping of two current students at the school, girls that have been given superior powers through genetic enhancement. Lindsey is asked to help to find them. When she comes upon a lead, she quickly forms a plan that will take her to Prague. Unbeknownst to Lindsey, her father sends his best agent, Marko Savin, from his security company to just watch over her. Soon, however, Lindsey and Marko find themselves thrown together in a race against time to locate the kidnapped girl before she is sold on the black market involved with human gene manipulation.

The books penned by Judith Leon have twists interwoven into their storylines which will keep readers quickly turning the pages until the surprising conclusions are discovered. There is definitely never a lull in this story. Readers will frequently find their hearts pounding from the frightening situations played out by Lindsey and Marko. Initially at odds with each other personally, the pair come to realize they work well together, and then that they have come to care for each other. As they take on an evil agent whose web of blackmail and manipulation is becoming a global menace, they each start questioning exactly what they expect for their own future to hold. These revealing moments were beautifully handled by Ms. Leon, making this reader feel every touching instant.

THE GOOD THIEF is a visually stunning adventure, where danger, exploits and mystery abound."

- Amelia Richard – Cataromance
(review condensed and slightly modified from the original)

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