Iron Dove

Published in 2005 by
Silhouette Books

Paperback ISBN# 0373513798

It's simple. She succeeds or millions die."

They called her the Dove - her gentle beauty concealing a will of iron.  But agent Nova Blair never wanted to return to the world of spying.  She'd started a new life ... until her former partner came to her with a mission she couldn't refuse.  Terrorists had threatened to release a deadly strain of the Ebola virus that could wreak global devastation.  Going back to the shadowy, seductive life of an international spy was the price she would pay to save millions of live - but could Nova save her soul, too?

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"Judith Leon has scored a hit with IRON DOVE.  The tale is so gripping it will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Nova is a strong woman who does what's right—even if she doesn't want to.  Joe is the hero we could all fall in love with."

- Alexandra Kay, RT Book Club

"Former CIA agent Nova "Dove" Blair is finished with the world of espionage vowing never to return as she fears her soul is rotting from what she has done. Anyone who knows her iron will believe this tough lady. However, the CIA needs her for a job in which the lives of millions are at stake. Unable to say no with so many innocent lives in the balance, Dove agrees to perform one last task though she fears she will not mentally recover from the ugly realm of the spy world.

Her assignment is to stop an unknown terrorist from releasing Ebola in Italy. Agent Joe Cardone is assigned to work with Dove. As the pair work diligently to stop this man-made disaster, they fall in love, but the clock runs out on the duo.

IRON DOVE is a tense espionage thriller starring two dedicated champions with the heroine reluctantly returning to the battlefields that have wrecked her emotionally and the hero her lifeline to sanity. The romance augments their relationship, but serves as a backdrop to an action- packed thriller that accelerates as time ticks away and the inevitable pandemic devastation seems imminent. Judith Leon writes a one sitting thriller."

- Harriet Klausner, The Best

"Hang on tight, because IRON DOVE is non-stop action from page one.  For Nova Blair, moving from tree to tree on rope bridges suspended one hundred and fifty feet high in the Costa Rican jungle canopy is just another day in her life as a high adventure travel guide.  But when CIA agent Joe Cardone arrives in Costa Rica asking for her help one last time, Nova knows she has no choice.

Servizio per le Informazioni e la Securezza Militaire (SISMI), the Italian intelligence agency, has learned that terrorists have made a deal to obtain a strain of the Ebola virus—a strain that has been mutated so that a person would be able to carry it without showing symptoms for a while, as well as being an air-borne virus (not needing physical contact to spread it)—and the implications are terrifying.  It will be up to Nova and Joe to find the people in possession of the virus before it is released, putting the Italian public—and the world—at risk.

Nova and Joe have worked together before, as readers of CODE NAME: DOVE may remember, and along with a history, the two share an unexplored attraction. From the steamy Costa Rican jungle to Italy's beautiful Amalfi coast, they will have a chance to get to know each other while searching for the terrorists.

With its interesting characters and a riveting plot sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats, IRON DOVE is not to be missed."

- Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

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