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No More War: a biological and anthropological perspective on male/female differences with respect to social conflicts.

A Presentation by Evolutionary Biologist and Novelist Dr. Judith Hand

Over four millennia of recorded history would seem to prove that war is inevitable—an inescapable product of human nature. In this talk, Dr. Hand explains why that gloomy assessment is wrong. She then goes on to explain what will be required of us, men and women as full partners, if we are to create a future without war.

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What You Can Expect

The author brings a fresh, unique approach that rests not on armchair philosophy or wishful thinking but on a solid biological foundation. Using fields as diverse as anthropology, primatology, social history, neurophysiology, and evolutionary biology she builds a convincing argument for the role women must play in partnership with men to convert the dream of a future without war into reality.

In clear, accessible language Hand explores:

  • Why men make war and women prefer social stability.
  • The locations and characteristics of some of the world's nonviolent cultures.
  • Two of the proximal causes of wars, viz. struggles over resources and hyper-alpha males.
  • Three necessary essentials of any campaign to end the practice of war: outlaw war, leaders of vision, a game plan.
  • The elements of a workable game plan for ending war.
  • Why our time is different—why we can finally accomplish what no people before us have been able to do.
  • Why and how a "warfare transition" from societies based on war to ones based on ending war could occur with remarkable speed.


"Hearing Judith Hand is a breath of fresh air as she, unlike many who would like to end wars, concedes the inevitably of conflict. Her message, that inclusion of women is a necessary condition for success, is both a new concept and a justifiable innovation to the body of work on this difficult subject of avoiding war."

Cal Watson
Board Member, San Diego World Council,
President, San Diego World Affairs Council-North County
President, Continuing Education Center at Rancho Bernardo, CA


"Within minutes, Judith grabs the imagination and flings it to a different place and time." "Super ideas and a fascinating talk!"

Jeffrey T. Wilson, Esq., Program Chairman
Poway Kiwanis, Poway, CA


"Dr. Hand's clear, enthusiastic presentation offers so much food for thought on how our world might be different, and for the better. I came away inspired to do my part to make some of those critical changes happen."

Judith Fulton, Program Chairman
American Association of University Women,
Redlands, CA

"An outstanding presentation! One of the largest turnouts we've ever had."

Jerry Peterson, President,
Friends of the Library, Rancho Bernardo, CA


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