An epic story of grace, grandeur, betrayal, pride, and the enduring power of love. In this extraordinary fiction debut, Judith Hand immerses the reader in an ancient (3500-year-old) Book cover Mediterranean culture unlike any with which we are familiar. Until the discovery in the twentieth century of its spectacular ruins on the island of Crete, the existence of this society lay buried and forgotten by the world, perhaps remembered only as myth about a place called Atlantis.

Leesandra of Keftiu is born on Crete into a society devoted to the worship of the Great Goddess. From youth we follow her and the man who will become her lover, Alektrion of Kalliste, until they enter into the final struggle to preserve their peace-loving way of life from the encroachment of mainland foes. Into this primal mix of passion and war is added the historical 1628 BC volcanic explosion of the nearby island of Santorini (Thera), a staggering natural catastrophe.

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